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It is amazing how one little phone call can turn your world upside down in an instant.  We certainly know this from experience.  A week ago Tuesday, we received one such call.

It had been a long day with the kids at homeschool co-op.  My husband was out of town and I was looking forward to a quiet evening at home and putting my three sweet little girls to bed early.  We were finishing up dinner and expecting a friend to stop by for a visit when the phone rang.

Many times I will answer the phone…”Amazing Transformations, this is Jennifer” when I don’t recognize the name on the caller id.  This particular night I simply said “hello”.  The sweet voice then asked…”Is this Travis or Jennifer?”  I said…”This is Jennifer.” and then the life changing conversation began!

This timid young girl began telling me that I didn’t know her but that she had been working with CPO (Crisis Pregnancy Outreach) and that she was expecting a baby boy that she decided to place for adoption.  And then she said…“and I picked you to adopt my child.”

My response…”oh, oh, OH!”  (I was a little slow catching on! :))  “When is the baby due?”

“March 30th”

And then I began babbling non-stop.  I guess I needed to process this conversation and the poor girl had to endure my rattling on.

What makes this such an amazing call (besides the fact that it was COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED) was that just the weekend before I thought to myself…”I need to write my mentor an email and ask her to send me our family profile book back.  Our book has been with CPO for 2 years now and obviously it wasn’t God’s plan for us to adopt from this ministry.”  Well, I never got the email written and three days later I received this call!

Normally, when a family works with CPO a mentor will contact the family and set up an appointment with the birth mom to meet and decide if everyone wants to proceed.  Apparently this time, the birth mom was certain of her decision and wanted to call us herself.  Boy was she brave! 🙂

After a week I have begun to get used to the idea that we are about to have a newborn in the house again.  It really is crazy isn’t it?!  Two babies 8 months apart!  God really does have a sense of humor…and I am glad!

We have had the opportunity to meet the birth mom and she is BEAUTIFUL!  I can’t wait to introduce you to my son and his birth mom!  We are going to have an open adoption and I am so thankful.  The birth mom has already expressed that she would like to see him as much as we would allow her to.  I am thinking that having two sweet babies to hold will offer lots of opportunities for her to come and see our family! 🙂

The girls can’t wait to welcome a little brother!


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