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Busy Birthday

This past weekend I celebrated my 36th birthday.   My mom treated me to a homemade dinner, cake and a few gifts on Friday night. 

J with cupcakes

It has been so fun to celebrate with my parents much like when I was a kid.  To be honest, I never thought I would be living in my hometown again.  When I headed off to college and then married, I really thought the only time I would come to town would be on occasional visits.   After living here for almost 3 years, it is really nice to be home!

My initial plan, since it was my birthday, was to sleep in on Saturday.  Makes sense right?  This is the day my husband was sure to cater to my every need and there would be no need for me to get up early.  WRONG!  For some reason, it was if I regressed to the age of 5, so excited to get up and face the day.  It was Saturday morning, it was my birthday, and it was barely 6 AM!  Yes, I was awake and could not go back to sleep.   So what should I do?  I should get up and make a craft! 🙂

beaded braceletI really was making the most of my early internal alarm clock.  A quiet Saturday morning all to myself.  WRONG AGAIN!  No sooner did I get settled in my recliner than my sweet yet usually late sleeper daughter decided to wake up early too!  What are the odds?  She decided it was too quiet and decided to read me Arthur and D.W. books while I created bracelets.  Not exactly how I planned my morning but turned out pretty nice.

Next stop CAR SHOW…

kids and trav with orange car

This fun event was hosted by our church. 

red car and shades

And was completely up my husband’s alley.   The one thing I can say about the event, the cars sure came in pretty colors!

Next the kids and I headed to a wonderful cultural festival…Indian Summer 2009, to attend the Junior Native American Dance Competition.

young boy dancers

Speaking of beautiful colors, the tribal clothes were so vibrant and fun! 

little girls

And so cute!  I could have watched them for hours!

indian maiden

This day made me wish I had even more skills when it came to my camera.  Oh the photos that could have been!

I did catch one creative photo of the day…


This sweet little guy who was waiting for his turn to dance captured my heart and I just had to get his picture.  Look very closely at his chaps.  Cute huh?!

the kids

I was blessed enough to get to take these 3 cuties home with me!

It appears that we had a very full day and yet it was only 2:30 in the afternoon.  Up next, the Dewey Western Heritage Parade.

Like many small town western parades, I expected to see horses

patriotic riders

and horse drawn buggies.


But I never dreamed that I would see…

horse riding in bed of truck

a horse riding in the bed of a truck!

smiling horse

Especially a horse that was trained to “smile” at you when he passed by.

And then there was this courageous woman…

woman on trailer

or maybe I should say “crazy”.  Doesn’t she realize that the trailer was designed for the horse to ride inside and not on top!

back of woman on trailer

There is probably a very good reason why this is called the “One Arm Bandit & Co”.

My kids favorite was the horse they named “giraffe horse”.

giraffe horse

Aren’t his spots cool?!

And the grand finale…

longhorn in street

herding 30 head of longhorn cattle through the street.

longhorn in street 2

This is probably the closest I have ever been or ever want to be to a herd of cattle without a fence in between us! 


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A turn at the wheel

bowls banner size

I have always been an aficionado of handmade pottery.  I love watching programs on tv of  beautiful pieces being formed.  I was so thrilled last weekend when I had an opportunity to see the process in person.

Meet my friend Dustin.   He is a very talented potter.

D molding pot

He started his craft in college and is already very skilled.

D's hands

It was so fun to watch a small lump of clay form into a recognizable piece.

D throwing pottery
He does all this amazing work in his garage.  He has even set up a really comfortable area for viewing “live HGTV”.

Travis in the recliner Even my husband enjoyed kicking back to watch the live performance!  That was until Dustin summoned him to the wheel.

T placing clay on the wheelAs you can see, he starts with clean hands a a lump of clay.  I wonder how this first attempt will turn out!

T centering the clayDustin is not only a talented potter, he is also a great teacher.  He is so patient.  He allowed Travis to make this bowl completely on his own.  He coached with words and allowed Travis to be the “potter”.

T forming a bowl

T with muddy hands

T with growing bowl

T formed bowl on the wheel

Yeah!  Look what my husband was able to do.  I can’t wait until it is fired.  Who knows, this might just be my husbands’ new calling in life with a little more practice!

By the way, cuddos to Melissa for all the laundry and stains you have to conquer!  This craft creates a beautiful result, but it sure is messy getting there!

bowlAn example of Dustin’s beautiful work!

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giantI love taking trips without knowing exactly what I might see along the way.  It makes the discoveries even more exciting.

Last weekend we headed to western OK with the purpose of staying with friends we met this summer.  The second evening we were there we decided to meet up with a college friend whose parents lived in a nearby community (nearby being about 45 minutes away:) ).  We offered to pick up pizza on the way in Shattuck when we came upon the most amazing outdoor museum.  We quickly determined that it was picture worthy so the guys dropped us off so we could explore while they secured our dinner at the local Pizza Hut.

Shattuck signYes, there is actually a town called Shattuck and yes you definitely need to stop sometime!  Here’s why…

windmill museum

A field full of big, beautiful, antique windmills!

Dempster windmillThis one hails from Nebraska.

KirkwoodAnd Arkansas, Kansas

shadows of windmillsEach so varied and with a great story to tell.

Anastasia on the wheelThe kids loved exploring too.

A on a windmillEspecially if it meant climbing was involved!

A & H on a wagon

do not sit on rigMy only recommendation, read the sign before placing your beautiful child on the rig.

Yes, this sweet innocent child did not climb, we put her there…oops!

Oh well, it makes for a fun picture!

old fashioned do not sit on rig copy

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