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Snowball Fight

My two oldest kids (aka my husband and oldest daughter) love the snow!  They have been in heaven the past 2 days!

Yesterday while delivering mail to the neighbor, my daughter suggested…”Dad, let’s have a snowball fight.” and that is all that big kid needed to hear!

Watch out sweet girl!  Your daddy is a pretty good shot!

Here I come dad!  Watch out!

Missed me!

Look at the size of this snowball!

Ready or not!

Do you notice the size of daddy’s snowball?  He knows how to retaliate!

He might be taking this a little too seriously!

Don’t worry, no one was harmed in the making of this snowball fight documentary!  All left the occasion with great big smiles and questions of when to reschedule the rematch!

As for me and the youngest, we just enjoyed hanging around watching the warriors.


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My family and I have been on a journey over the past couple years to simplify our gift giving.  We always make sure that the kids have a few presents to open but most of the time we encourage family and friends to donate to a charity in our honor if they desire to give us something.  We really don’t need more “stuff” and most of us would be better off spending our money on our personal needs like bills and food. 🙂

Anyway, because of this, my husband and I don’t really exchange gifts.   If we do, they are usually pretty small.   A couple weeks ago my husband asked his normal Christmas question, “Are you buying me something this year?”.  He is happy to avoid shopping but he does not want to be caught without a gift if I happen to have one for him.  I told him I planned on buying him one thing but that it was small.  I let him know he really didn’t need to get me anything.

Last Tuesday, I was in a “courtesy car” from the auto body shop that will be working on my van from the deer hunting adventureWhile driving this lovely vehicle, the transmission went out. I was sitting at a stop sign on a very busy road with about 5 vehicles lined up behind me.  What a humbling moment!  Fortunately my sweet husband was just one phone call away!  He quickly dropped his lunch and came to rescue me.   You should have seen him roll that dead car backward down the hill and around several cars.  I truly was impressed

To be able to give the girls and I a ride to the auto body shop, we had to clean out his back seat.  While clearing the “stuff” I noticed a gift box holding a Willow Tree Angel in a bag.  You are probably familiar with these sculptures.  They are pretty, simple carved angels and seem to be fairly popular.  I have decorated with them many times in various homes.

Now don’t get me wrong, the angels are nice and I have 2 of them.  I decorate with them because they were gifts from special friends but I really don’t want to start a collection.  As soon as I saw the bag in his car I thought…“Oh no, my family thinks I want more of these.  I know they are nice but I am really wanting to simplify, not add decorations to my home.” Aren’t I terrible!  I really did think this way and contemplated telling my husband  I didn’t need any other “what-nots” around the house.  I am so glad I didn’t!

By the time Christmas morning came I had decided to be thankful for whatever was given to me.  Guess what happened when I opened his gift?!  I cried!

About a week and a half ago we had received the third call in a month about a possible baby to be adopted.  I was so excited and then the day after the call, I received a call saying another family was chosen for the child.  I was so discouraged.  Actually I was mad and ready to give up.  It is so difficult to get excited over and over again only to be disappointed.  3 possible babies and not one worked out!  I had begun to think I made a mistake about adopting again.  Travis knew how discouraged I was.

His gift to me was encouragement to not give up.  He believes in my dream to adopt again and thankfully now I do too!

Isn’t it funny that sometimes the very thing we think we don’t want ends up being the best gift of all!

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Watching someone you love deeply face her final days of life is very difficult.  I needed to take a moment and share how much I love this special lady and remember moments in our life together that have made me smile.  Like this…

Grandma-Great visiting with Kaylee number 6 of 7 great grandchildren.

This picture was taken this past July at a very monumental meeting of Grandma Great and her 7 great-grandchildren.  It was my honor to host a lunch of chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese for this sweet group of little ones.

This was the first and only time that all 7 were at the same place at the same time with Grandma Great.  They currently live in Oklahoma, Texas and New York.

I truly believe that Grandma’s life has been extended for several years on account of these children.  She absolutely loves her family and wants the whole world to know!

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Today marks the 4 year anniversary of our adoption day.  This is a day we love to celebrate!

This morning we decided to start our celebration by heading to the Truck Stop in Copan, OK for breakfast.  I know, I know…a truck stop for anniversary celebration?!  Why not, we had never been and had heard the food was good.   (Unfortunately I failed to bring my camera to document this festive outing!)

Because we love to share our celebrations with others, we invited our friend Ashley and her sweet 1 year old son to join us for breakfast.  Immediately after our meal, Ashley invited us to her home so the girls could ride a horse.  What a great bonus to celebration day!

Hailey was a little disappointed that the ride didn’t last longer and Anastasia really wanted to “giddy-up!”  Other than that, they had a great time!

Every special occasion needs something memorable to mark it right?  And what could be more memorable than eating breakfast at a truck stop and riding a horse…read on to find out!  We definitely won’t ever forget this anniversary!

You see today is also my dad’s birthday.  (Sometime I will share the very special significance of his birthday to the adoption day)

Yesterday my dad asked my husband to help him cut wood on his friend’s land.  My dad loves to build fires and he was almost out of wood.  This morning he called my husband to say he needed to postpone because his shoulder was bothering him.

In honor of my dad’s birthday, my caring husband decided to go ahead and cut firewood.  He enjoys the occasional outdoor project and recruited my kids to help.   Everything went well except hauling the wood home.  I had the van and he didn’t have room in his small four door car for the kids, the tools and the wood.

I arrived home from my shopping trip at about 5:30 pm and we were to be at my parents house for dinner at 6 pm.  I hated to think my husband worked hard all day without the privilege of presenting the fruit of his labor.  So I called mom to make sure dinner wouldn’t be ready right at 6 pm so we could run south of town to pick up the wood.

All happy and excited about showing all the hard work of my husband and kids to my dad as well as looking forward to a yummy dinner, we headed south on the highway only to be utterly surprised by a Unidentified Flying Object!

It happened so fast, we felt the thud before we ever saw the deer that sailed in the air after impact of about 55-60 miles an hour.   I am so thankful for a husband who knows how to drive straight and not swerve even under stress!

Except for some front end damage to the van and our nerves being a little rattled, we are all fine.  The car still drives and I am able to crawl in and out of the passenger’s seat by way of the driver’s side.  🙂 I am sure there will be pictures to come after the sun rises in the morning.  Travis already plans to take us out for a spin tomorrow to check out our road kill!

BTW…the girls are thankful it wasn’t Rudolph! 🙂

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Today my beautiful baby girl is turning 7!  Where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday she was a baby.  See I have proof…

I am certain it was only yesterday that she was turning 3!

It has been so fun to watch this sweet girl grow up.  (Hailey turning 4)

She is beautiful inside and out!  (Hailey turning 5)

She has such and easy going personality.  (Hailey turning 6)

And brings a smile to every one who comes in contact with her!

She never turns down an opportunity to have dessert!

(Oh the agony of waiting for the party to begin.  I think if Hailey had to choose between a birthday being represented by presents OR cake, she would most likely choose cake!  This girl loves her birthday cake!)

Today we celebrate the beautiful life of Hailey!

Thank you God for sharing your treasure of joy with us!  She brings such fun life to our family.  Thank you for giving her a curious spirit that causes us to stop and look at life from a whole new perspective.  We look forward to watching her grow and develop.  We know you have an amazing plan for her life.  Thank you for giving us this special girl to raise!

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