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Just this evening as we decided to take a walk as a family, my neighbor walked up and in the conversation said to me…”I miss seeing your decorating articles in the paper”.  I shared with him how I have written so many things in my head and then pointed to my children and said…”These sweet little ones are why I never have time to write my thoughts down”.

You see, as of this Monday afternoon I became the mother of FIVE!  Yes you read that correctly.  Three of which are 1 year and under. 🙂

About 14 years ago when my husband and I started trying to have a family we never dreamed that in the years between our 15th and 16th wedding anniversary we would add 3 sweet babies to our ever growing tribe.  It really is an AMAZING story that I hope I can remember in a few years when I actually have time to write out our adventure.  I believe it would make a great book and who knows, I might just have the opportunity to write it.

But for now, I wanted to let all of you my dear and faithful friends meet the 5 special reasons that my life has been abundantly transformed and why I haven’t been transforming too many spaces lately.

Beginning with my beautiful firstborn:

She is such a great help to me with the babies.  I can’t believe how grown up she has become.

Next there is my full of laughter second born:

She is always willing to give a helping hand and so loves her baby brother and sisters.

Then there is my oldest “baby”, my sweet one year old (not able to provide picture at this time).  This happy girl brings a smile to everyone she meets.

My handsome and completely loveable son:

He is growing way too fast (4 months old already) and seems so grown up next to his little sister.

And last but not least our tiniest member who joined us on Monday and is now 5 day old (not able to share a picture at this time).  She shares a birthday with her 1 year old sister.  Such a treasure!

So by now your mind is probably spinning with questions most of which I hope to be able to answer one day but for the obvious ones…

“Have you lost your minds?”  Yes, probably.

“Are you getting any sleep?” At times 🙂

“Is taking on so many babies in a short time worth it?”  Absolutely.  We are AMAZINGLY BLESSED!


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