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I can’t believe how long it has been since I last posted.  It isn’t for a lack of things to say.  Just been lacking the time to post. 🙂

I have only experienced 6 Mother’s Days in my life and unfortunately was disappointed more years than not.  I don’t know about anybody else but all too often I would set my expectations very high only to find them unmet and find myself pretty depressed at the end of the day.

Really this was brought on by myself and is unfortunate. It isn’t like my family forgot about me, I just had too many desires that I wanted them to figure out without me telling them.  Crazy isn’t it!

This year I decided to approach things differently. I went walking early Saturday morning by myself.  I began to pray, “Lord, I want this to be a special Mother’s day.  Please help me not to come up with unreasonable expectations that would ruin my day when they didn’t happen.  Help me to enjoy the time with my family.  How can I make this year different?  Better?”
It wasn’t long before I believe the Lord answered me with a thought “Reach out to someone else and help make their Mother’s day special”.  What a great idea!  If I took the time to think of ideas to help my friends have a wonderful Mother’s Day I wouldn’t be sitting around wondering when I would get the treatment I thought I deserved.

Immediately I thought of a sweet friend of mine who has several biological children and several foster children.  She is an amazing mom.  She has sacrificed so much to invest in these kids.   Recently I spoke to her on the phone and she shared that even though she knew she was doing a good thing by helping all these kids, she was tired and needed help.

As soon as I got home, I told my husband about my walk and my idea to help my friend.  He was on board and so I called to ask if we could baby-sit so she could spend some time for Mother’s day any way she would like.  She quickly accepted and shared that she would like to take her oldest children to play putt-putt and get ice cream.  I was so amazed at her selflessness.  She could have taken the time to go on a date with her husband but she realized that her oldest children also were making big sacrifices to help the foster kids and they needed a break too.  What a great mom!

The family date night happened that evening (Saturday) and was a nice evening, even for my family.

The next morning was Mother’s Day.  Thankfully God had challenged me to think about others which greatly improved my attitude.  This is a good thing because if most people experienced my Mother’s day they probably would have chalked it up to a not very good day.  Yet it was probably the best I ever had.

Here are a few of the things I encountered:

*One child waking up in a bad attitude (Mainly because she so hungers to have attention that she actually goes into mourning on days designated as special recognition of someone else.)

*Starting to eat breakfast before my husband arrived home with donuts he planned to surprise me with.  Oh well, thanks for the sweet thought!

*Running late to Sunday School (this is bad when you and your husband are the teachers of the class)

*Wearing a dress that I found out my husband really doesn’t like but put it on anyway because I was running late.

*One daughter sent to load up in the car wearing tights and a shirt, carrying her dress, with uncombed hair. (again because we were running late)

*Having to dress and comb both daughters hair in the church parking lot.  (I don’t think I have ever done this before.)

*Stopping by the bathroom.  Sat down on a seat that happened to have a crack and pinched my backside.  Once seated, looked down to find a very large run in my hose!  (laughing hysterically at myself at this point).

*After church we decided to head out for lunch.  Found a nice Mexican restaurant without a wait.  Sat down right away and ordered.  (These were all very positive occurrences!)

*When food arrived, quickly managed to drop cheese dip all over my dress.  (I didn’t even notice, my daughter had to tell me!)

*Few moments later, dropped a bite of food that bounced off my husband’s slacks and then my own shoe. 🙂

*A few minutes after that, dropped a bite of beans on my dress.  (Beginning to wonder if I had a hole in my mouth!)

Normally after a day like mentioned above I would be stressed to the max, but since I wasn’t focused on myself I laughed hysterically all day long!  I hope to remember this next year.  It is amazing what focusing on someone or something other than yourself will do for creating a much more positive attitude!

Thankfully we were able to take good pictures together on Easter.  Mother’s Day we were not quite picture worthy. 🙂

I love being a mom to these two beautiful girls!


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