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What fun redesigns I had last week!  I so enjoy getting back to the ‘grass-roots’ of redesign…arranging the furniture and accessories one already owns.  Together with several clients, we solved problems and created beautiful spaces.  You should definitely try it sometime!

One client invited me to help her with her master bedroom.  Her main desire for having me come was to help her arrange a sitting area and hang artwork, but it was a spontaneous conversation that caused me to be most delighted.  We haven’t actually completed the project but I am so excited and can already ‘see’ what a difference the proposed solution would make that I had to go ahead and share it with you.

The above photo represents the ‘sleeping’ area of the room.  As you might notice, the windows behind the bed are much taller and wider than the window on the side wall.  In the past, the homeowner tried hanging a valance but took it down because it just didn’t look right.  I’m so glad she followed her ‘gut instincts’!

What you can’t see behind the curtain is a transom type window which is mounted above a standard set of French doors.  The combination of these two elements is what makes this ‘window’ so large in comparison to the side window.  (On a side note, this very large room happens to contain two sets of French doors.  The homeowner never plans to use the set that goes on to the front porch so she opted to maximize the space and place her bed in front of them.  The curtain panels create the illusion of a large ‘headboard’ in this huge space.)

As you can probably guess (if you have followed me very long), I encouraged the homeowner to mount the curtains of the side window at the same height as the curtains behind the headboard.  By mounting the curtains that high, we will be left with a fairly big space to fill between the trim and the curtain rod.  Just look at what we plan to do…

(curtains have been drawn in using Photoshop)

We created a faux transom window with a mirror the homeowner had stored away for an opportunity such as this.   To finish the window off, the homeowner will look for long deep brown panels that she will hang 9-12″ on either side of the window to create a wider window.  She plans on buying enough matching panels for the other two windows in the room so they will be consistent.

Won’t it look GRAND!  I can hardly wait to see the finished result.


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A couple weeks ago, one of my faithful clients asked me to help her by installing window treatments in her new home. She was open to using ready-made curtains and left it up to me to figure out what was best for her living room.

I love it when windows already have blinds so that I am able to be more creative with the window dressings. It is no longer critical that the curtains function, they simply need to make the windows look finished.

As you can see, I once again was faced with a narrow space between each window…12 inches to be exact.  Instead of using, one long (expensive) rod to top the 3 large windows, I opted for 4 short decorative “rods”.

This is the ‘rod’ I chose to use on this project…decorative hooks. I found them at a local craft store.  They happened to be on sale for 50% off so it only cost $4 each!  (Probably one of the least expensive ‘curtain rods’ I have found for some time!) It was the perfect size, about 16 inches wide and had 5 hooks.  It was ideal for hanging one panel using clip rings.

Installation was very easy. I simply mounted the hooks using two wall anchors and 2 screws.  I then evenly spaced and clipped pleats along the top edge of the ready-made curtain purchased from a local discount store and then hung the rings on the hooks.  To conceal the bright silver screws used to mount the hooks, I used a dark colored sharpie marker to cause the screws to blend in.

The end result…breathtaking! Softening the windows with fabric took this beautiful room to the next level!

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