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I am so grateful to all of you my faithful Tuesday Tidbit readers (and those who happened to stumble onto my site) for stopping by to check out my new adventure.  Since you have taken precious time out of your schedule to read about my latest adventure, I would like to offer you a chance to win a prize for your own adventure…

gap logo

a $25 shopping adventure to Gap (Old Navy and Banana Republic included).  One randomly chosen entry will win the prize.

To enter, simply read (or skim) the info about my latest adventure and come back to this post to leave a comment.  I would certainly love to know any thoughts you have about my adventure as well as share what type of adventure you are hoping to begin.  Deadline for entry is Monday, September 7, 2009 at 5 pm central TIMES UP. Winner will be announced by Tuesday, September 8, 2009.

Okay, times up and here is the winner…

Trena Quinn

I enjoyed reading about your adventure. My husband has recently been called by God into ministry. It is a very humbling and frightening experience, but I know God has a plan for each of our lives and He will not forsake us. He is always right on time!!!

Best wishes to you and your family as you follow God’s will!!

I hope you enjoy your shopping adventure Trena!


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Our First Field Trip

I have been very pleasantly surprised with our first year of home schooling.  The kids have adjusted so well and seem to love it just as much as I do.  (Yes, I said “love it”.  I know, I never thought I would feel this way either. )

Last week we headed out for our first field trip to the Washington County Free Fair.  We must have been doing the right thing because we ran into several public school classes on the same adventure!  I think what amazed me most is how long (3 hours) we managed to stay at this small community fair.  I was grateful that we weren’t on a strict time schedule so the kids could see and participate in anything they wanted.  The people were so friendly and were very eager to share their crafts.  We have already decided that we too need to submit our very own creative projects next year.  Unfortunately we have to wait a whole year to get there.  Oh well!

My favorite exhibit this year was not what I initially expected.  I really thought it would be the photography but it was actually the animals,  mainly because of these sweet creatures…

sheep in turtleneck

Aren’t they too cute!   These precious sheep were so kind to give up their fur for people like me who have “felted wool sweater craft” addictions, only to have to put up with our hysterical laughter.   This blue turtleneck is priceless!

Feeding the horse

We also met this sweet horse who captured all of our hearts.  He had one beautiful blue eye and one beautiful brown eye and was so gentle.  Of course the fact that he had hot pink socks caused him to rank high with my girls.

And my favorite of all…

pig and sheep

Now really, could you blame me?

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Let the Adventure Begin

Well, it is official, last Thursday (August 20, 2009) my husband resigned his engineering job and we set out on a new and exciting adventure.  We have been so encouraged already in this process.  Although we don’t know what our future will look like exactly, we know God holds our lives in the center of His hand and we are not afraid!

Just today I shared our new adventure with a neighbor and she immediately asked “Are you going to downsize? How are you going to pay your bills?”  I just smiled and said, I don’t know.  What a humbling moment and yet a boldness and courage arose in me because I serve a very faithful God.  People who have heard our story have been so intrigued and several opportunities have already opened up.

I guess I really should back up a little and clear up questions that have probably arisen from the very first blog post.  So what did God call our family to do? On August 9th my husband felt like the Lord was asking him to resign his job so he could assist the pastor of our church.  Although we don’t fully know what this means for us, we currently do not feel like God is calling my husband to be on the church staff.  We also do not know how long God is asking this of us but we are willing to continue in this ministry of helps as long as God provides and asks us to fulfill this role.   (By the way, the book that helped in confirming this call on our lives was Breaking Intimidation by John Bevere.  I highly recommend this book although I have only read through the first 2 paragraphs where he described how he left his engineering career to serve his pastor – sounds pretty familar don’t you think?!  I still stand amazed at how God confirms everything He asks of our lives!)

What are we doing now?  Well, we are living each day just as we did before.  At first I found myself beginning to be short tempered and selfish, trying to hold on to the resources we have so I could make sure they would last.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that God would not be too pleased with my response.  I have now decided to surrender everything to Him and follow His word.  In Matthew 6:33, God calls us to “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  This is something I have meant to fully do for some time.  I guess now I have the opportunity, it is all I have! 🙂

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This post was actually written last Thursday Aug 20, 2009

This last week and a half has been pretty amazing.  Both my husband and I have accepted the call God has placed on our lives.  It has been amazing how all of the services we have attended at church and at area conferences confirm what God spoke to our hearts on Sunday, August 9, 2009.  Our question to God until today has been “when?”.

I still stand in awe of the fact that when we ask God questions, He answers.  Sometimes He answers quicker and clearer than others, but when it comes to this newest adventure, His answers have been quick and VERY CLEAR!  Just this morning (August 20, 2009) as my husband was wrestling with God’s call he asked God, “When do you want me to leave my job?”.  Immediately after asking God this question, he felt the urge to look in the new testament to the first “red letter” portion of the bible (the red letters being the words of Jesus).  You won’t believe what the very first words of Jesus recorded were!  But Jesus said “Let it be done so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.” (Matthew 3:15-NIV)

Wow!  We are humbled and amazed.  My husband left for work today and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns in a letter of resignation.  To the human mind this action seems absolutely ridiculous!  Even if I stop to think about it very long I think the very same thing.  We don’t have many things in order, we have debts to pay and yet our hearts are drawn to obedience.  God desires us to trust in Him and allow Him to be in control.  If we get all of our ducks in a row and figure out how we will survive financially and then step out, we really wouldn’t be trusting Him.  We would be trusting ourselves.

Anyone who loves and knows us are probably shaking their heads and thinking, “What in the world are they doing?  They are crazy!”  And we would have to agree with them.  We hope that this journey we are making will allow God’s light to shine through us.  We realize that we are taking a great risk that may even fail.  And yet, as the minister David Oyedepo of Nigeria said last night “I would rather sink with God than shine without Him!”

To God be the Glory!

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God speaks in mysterious ways!

God speaks in mysterious ways!

On Monday you might remember me mentioning God’s use of a billboard to speak to my husband.  Tuesday when he headed home from work he noticed that the very billboard God used to answer a question began peeling off because of the storm the night before.  When he came home that evening, he said to me “I really need to write down all that God has told me the past 2 days so I don’t forget.  The billboard is already coming down.”    I was pleased to be able to tell him that I had already felt compelled to journal myself and showed him the first entry of this new blog.

Today I felt it important to capture the sign before it was forever removed.   May we always be reminded of this very special moment especially when what God has asked us to do becomes a little overwhelming.

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A new journey!

The last 24 hours have been a pretty amazing journey in themselves and yet this journey is only beginning.  I have wanted to have a blog for my business for some time and yet struggled to get everything just right.  Now I find myself using a blog to show how God is unfolding a whole new adventure for our lives.

It all started last night at church.  My husband and I were pretty messed up (in a good way) by a visiting minister’s sermon.  He challenged us to a new level of devotion in our walk with God…an EXTRAVAGANT DEVOTION.  As exciting as this prospect is, it will require some pretty radical changes in our lives.

I knew God was beginning to ask me t0 cut back my decorating business so I could begin to home school my kids, but I wasn’t quite prepared for what my husband felt God was calling us to do.  I just had this feeling when I left church last night that I needed to be prepared for something pretty extreme because my husband is usually drawn to the extreme when it comes to serving God.  In fact as I shared with Him what I felt God was calling me to surrender, he responded by saying “I don’t think you want to know what I feel God is telling me”.  I responded, “You’re right, I probably don’t!”.  Yet he quickly began to share a calling that will most likely require a lot of faith and change.   Unlike other times when he rocks my world with a God-directed suggestion, I felt such a peace and have been dwelling in this peace all day.

This challenge still seems surreal because we haven’t exactly taken action.  Yet we both seem to be preparing ourselves for all that this will require.  To the outsider, what we are proposing to do would require too much sacrifice to imagine, but the adventure and the promise that God will never leave us or forsake us causes us to want to forge forward.

Here are 3 specific confirmations just today:

#1  As Travis was going to lunch, he began to pray “God, I need to know if this call is really from you.  Are you really calling me?”  As he pulled out of the driveway of his business and headed east he noticed that the sky was dark and then all of the sudden he noticed a military billboard that had storm clouds and lightning in the background that said “ANSWER THE CALL”.  At the same time he read the billboard 3 very large bolts of lightning struck.  His immediate response was “God that was pretty good, but are you sure?” 🙂

He called to tell me what he said and experienced.  I was amazed and yet drawn to immediately research the word lightning in the bible.  In the NIV version Psalms 29: 7 says:  The voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of LIGHTNING.  Boy does He ever!

#2 This evening I sat down to read a new book that someone shared with me at church yesterday.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Within the beginning paragraph the author shared how God led him in 1983 to do exactly what my husband feels God is leading us to do.  It was as if we were reading a page out of our own story except for the fact that we haven’t actually committed yet.

#3  God caused me to think of a dear friend tonight that I hadn’t talked to in some time.  Moments later I found that she too had been thinking of me.   She had just written an email telling me that she had been praying for me over the past year and wondered if I had any updates that I would like her to add to the prayer list.  Boy do I ever!

Now I realize I have been vague as to what exactly God is calling us to and the revelation of this will come in time.  I just knew that this is one adventure that definitely needed to be recorded and what better place to start than the beginning!

Promise of the Rainbow

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