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Today after our Jesse Tree devotional, my oldest daughter asked me if I still had my blog.  When I said yes, she quickly asked if she could post something today.  I have to admit that I am cautious in how I respond to some questions (especially with my children), not wanting to get stuck in some agreement that I can’t back out of.  I told her she could write something and then I would see about posting it.  She quickly started working.  I have to admit I am a humbled.  I am proudly posting it today, just as she wrote it…

December 19 2012 

I am Anastasia and I am 11 years old.  Last year for Christmas we each got one present.  But this year my mom came to me and asked “Anastasia this year for Christmas, as a family, I think we will do something different. What if we gave instead of receive?  To show others Gods love.”  I was so excited.  Because to see someone smile because I made a difference means more to me than getting a toy that I will soon forget about.  A toy can not change my life but someone else can.  Small things leave big impressions.  I can do something as small as giving a hug and the smile I will remember.  Sometimes I think we get too carried away in buying Christmas presents and seeing Santa that we forget the real meaning of Christmas.  God has given us the best present ever, eternal life. This gift will last forever.  When I am struggling and having a bad day I can call on Him.  If you don’t know Jesus and you want to know him just say this prayer with meaning lets pray    “Dear Jesus thank you for your gift.  Thank you for dying for me.  Forgive me of my sins.  Make me who you want me to be.  I believe in you. Please change my life and thank you for making me a new person, amen.” God loves you and I pray He will bless you.  Merry Christmas!


She has pretty big plans for changing the world.  I think she might just do it!


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